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Mayplace Hotel

Mayplace Hotel

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Mayfield Hotel was opened in the fall of 2003 as a special hotel with outstanding mission and values.
With the forward-thinking value of “Harmony with Nature”‚ Mayfield Hotel has strived to heal the minds of customers through nature. Reflecting the eco-friendly customer service mindset, MayPlace Hotel was launched in downtown Seoul in July 2014, an area of tradition, culture, art, and passion.
MayPlace Hotel features the diverse cultures and unique appeal that make Seoul a special place with the following attractions: Changdeok Palace and Insa-dong (tradition)‚ Daehangno (youth & performance)‚ Dongdaemun (shopping).  Althought it is located in downtown, it strives to make every customer feel at home through the followings: hospitable services,  a nature-like feel all around the hotel‚ meticulous attention to detail‚ floor heating system for all rooms; nature-oriented approach including photovoltaic module-based design.
MayPlace will provide everything you need‚ as a place that feels exhilarating and comfortable.

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