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Chuncheon, South Korea


Nestled in the rugged snow-capped peaks of the province of Gangwon-do, this warm and inviting provincial capital Chuncheon is a land of mountains, lakes and rivers. A mere hour and a half from Seoul (by either bus or train), it gives world-weary Seoulites a place to escape the urban jungle for a day or two, rejuvenate amidst beautiful scenery and - perhaps above all else - eat good food before returning once again to the daily grind.

In the center of downtown Chuncheon, not far from Chuncheon City Hall, is Myeong-dong, a shopping street that greatly resembles its more famous Seoul cousin, albeit smaller and less crowded. On a weekend, you’ll find tons of young people - both tourists and locals - strolling around, doing a bit of window shopping and people watching. The highlight of Myeong-dong, however, is Chicken Ribs Alley. For many, in fact, this is the highlight of coming to Chuncheon, period. Located in the alley are some 20 restaurants specializing in one of Chuncheon’s two most famous contributions to Korean cuisine - Chuncheon-style Chicken Ribs, or in Korean, Chuncheon dak galbi. You ll find restaurants serving this dish all over Korea, but nowhere will you find it as authentic - or as good - as you’ll find it here.

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