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South Korea
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Jeonju, South Korea


The culturally abundant city of Jeonju can be found in the middle of the Korean peninsula. This historical city dates back to the Baekje Kingdom. Gyeon Hwon founded the nation after the dissolution of the three kingdoms in 892. Jeonju became the capital city, and provided present day Jeonju full of many treasures including a Traditional Korean village. It is recommended that tourists visiting Jeonju, begin at this unique village. The village area includes a traditional hot spring and is surrounded by many popular tourist spots. This is a must-see for foreign tourists. In addition, the Jeonju Traditional Culture Center gives visitors the unique experience of life in a traditional Korean house, known as 'Hanok' in Korean. The Jeonju Hanok Living Experience Center also gives visitors traditional style accommodations in a comfortable setting. This is a great experience for foreigners. 

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