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Suncheon, Eco-city

Suncheon, South Korea


Jeollanam-do, which is located in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, is a region known for its fertile land and crystal clear waters. The region prides itself on its savory cuisine made with ingredients harvested from Jeollanam-do’s nutrient-rich soil, and on its time-honored pansori culture. More than anything else, the region is famous for its inspiring natural landscape such as the expansive green tea fields in Boseong, and the bamboo forest and the metasequoia-lined road in Damyang.

One particular gem in Jeollanam-do’s coastal landscape is Suncheon. A must-visit eco-city for nature lovers, Suncheon offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. Among its top attractions are the vast field of reeds at Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (Field of Reeds) and the two temples recognized by the Michelin Green Guide for their picturesque scenery—Songgwangsa Temple and Seonamsa Temple. The city further established its reputation as an eco-city by hosting the International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013.

Other recommended attractions in Suncheon include the Suncheon Open Film Set, Naganeupseong Folk Village and Suncheon Municipal Ppurigipeunnamu (Deep Rooted Tree) Museum.  

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